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YellowBagFiller/Barking Mad

I couldn't agree more. Would hate to think of my dear pooch anywhere near that. Was at Euston station yesterday and did encounter some vicious canines of this general description chomping at the leash to eat my pupster for a little snack.. Very scary....

John (dogs are!) Falk

I was appalled by these incidents of dog-fighting. Here in the States, Micheal Vick was recently sentenced to 23 months in prison for his disgusting cruelty to dogs in his possession. Though I'd have given him even more jail time, at least the whole ugly story of his involvement in the barbaric practice of dog-fighting received the full publicity spotlight needed to alert people to what goes on in the real world.

Keep up the outcry and maybe, just maybe this ugly practice can be stamped out or, at least, seriously diminished.

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