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Huh. I've heard they use hairspray - even though it's supposed to be banned at Crufts. Hairspray! What sort of dog allows itself to be treated in this way?

Speaking as a gundog (failed - can't stand guns), you are spot on about that skirt, Woof Woofington.

My view on dogs, tails, and so called country sports is this: if a dog's tail isn't safe when it's 'working' and the only way to make it safe is to cut it off, then maybe that dog is in the wrong line of work.

Human beings have got a lot to answer for, in my opinion.

PS Who's your money on for Friends for Life, Woof ? As Percy, being a black Labrador, is a sort of relative, I suppose I should be voting for him - but I've got a sneaking sort of admiration for Nowzad and Tali. (I do love a bit of derring do and that soldier's a bit of a hunk.)

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